Fully managed tyre policy for Chiltern

on August 17, 2015 .

Chiltern is set to improve fleet efficiency after adopting a fully managed tyre contract with Michelin solutions. It marks the first time the company has outsourced tyre management for its 45 trucks and 43 trailers.

The EFFITIRES™ contract will see Michelin solutions take care of all Chiltern Cold Storage’s tyre requirements on a price-per-kilometre (PPK) basis for the next three years. This includes fitting the latest generation Michelin tyres, providing detailed management information on tyre performance, carrying out fleet-wide tyre safety inspections and proactive servicing.

Chiltern Cold Storage says: “Tyre performance is critical as we run an intensive operation, making hundreds of timed deliveries every single week. We constantly review our service providers and saw an opportunity to do something different with Michelin solutions.”

As well as helping to protect against the risk of tyre-related downtime, Chiltern Cold Storage is also targeting fuel savings through its new tyre policy.

“We know the direct impact tyre choice and condition has on fuel efficiency - Michelin solutions is focused on unlocking these savings with us. It gives us a lot of confidence to know we’ve got professionals focused on making sure every single tyre is maintained in peak condition. Plus they are planning to significantly increase our regroove rate, extending each tyre’s life in its most fuel-efficient state.”

Michelin solutions has appointed ATS Euromaster to fit tyres and carry out tyre servicing, with ATS Euromaster’s centre in Peterborough conveniently located less than two miles from Chiltern Cold Storage’s main operating base. Chiltern will also have full access to the Euromaster network in mainland Europe to support vehicles making deliveries onto the continent.