BBC reports on Antarctic ice stored at Chiltern warehouse

on June 11, 2015 .

BBC News has reported on an interesting story of Antarctic ice being stored at Chiltern’s Peterborough warehouse.

“How does Antarctic ice destined for vital climate research end up in a massive fridge in Peterborough - next to bags of frozen peas and oven chips?

Scientists at the Cambridge-based British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have been shipping back samples from the Antarctic Peninsula for 35 years, but with limited space in their own chilled laboratories the best option for halting the melting process is a cold storage warehouse.

Here, samples share space with groceries destined for supermarket freezers.

The warehouse on an industrial estate in Peterborough marks the end of a journey that begins about 15,000km (9,300 miles) away.”

To read the full story go to BBC News: