Q. Can I view a summary of your general company details online?

on November 13, 2014 .
Name: Chiltern Cold Storage Group Ltd
Address: Chiltern House
Shrewsbury Avenue 
Woodston Industrial Estate 
Tel No: 01733 370808
Fax No: 01733 394488
Email: info@chiltern.co
Website: chiltern.co
Company Registration No: 3018221
Security: Manned Security in operation 24 hrs per day, 365 days per year, full CCTV coverage of entire site, key fob automated access control points for secure/sensitive areas.
Fire Alarm System: Maintained by Newflame
Public & Product Insurance: AXA Insurance UK – 
Policy No: NH PPP6353574
Employers Liability Insurance: AXA Insurance UK – 
Policy No: NH COM6604787
Motor Insurance: Zurich – Policy No: JL265450
Goods in Transit Insurance: AXA Insurance plc - Policy No: BM GIT1288471
Size: 8.5 acres, of which approximately 5 acres are covered by storage loading/unloading areas and offices.
Buildings: Constructed of brick, concrete, steel framework and exterior and interior insulated cladding. Floors are built to cold store specifications withstanding temperatures of -27ºC and below. Drainage by means of mains domestic sewage system plus underground interceptor tanks located in key points around the site.
Shift Pattern: Various depending on department.