Personnel and Training

Q. Is staff training planned and documented?

Induction training is given to all staff upon commencement of employment with Chiltern. The programme includes health and safety issues, company hygiene rules and operational procedures inline with the companies HACCP procedures.

Guidance notes in the form of an induction booklet are issued to all staff for their retention and to refer to at any point.

All warehouse staff are trained, tested and certified by in house trainers/examiners on the use of mechanical manual handling equipment.

FLT (reach and counterbalance) training and testing is carried out by external contractors at regular intervals and refresher training is carried out on an annual basis. Training records are kept on personnel files and are maintained and updated on a regular basis.

Q. Is there a health and safety system in place?

The management team are responsible for health and safety and ensuring that the policy is adhered to. Management is responsible for implementing any updates to the policy as and when they may be required. Risk assessments are carried out at regular intervals, or as required, or when new equipment/procedures are to be adopted.

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