Maintenance and Waste Management

Q. Is there facility for maintenance of plant and equipment?

All refrigeration plant equipment is maintained under contract by Armstrong Refrigeration. Chiltern employ a team of on site maintenance staff who carry out services and repairs to much of the equipment and building fabric. However specialist contractors are employed as required, for example FLT maintenance, PAT testing etc.

All relevant equipment is serviced, tested and calibrated as per manufacturers recommended intervals or as required under relevant legislations.

Fork lift truck and mechanical manual handling equipment is maintained by an external contractor under a repair and maintenance contract who have access to their own dedicated workshop facility on site.

Q. What controls are in place for water?

The mains supply is from Anglian Water Authority. Five evaporator condenser units are installed, three units servicing the cold store refrigeration plant with two additional oil cooler condensers. An external contractor tests for Legionella and completes monthly water treatment checks on the condenser units.

All evaporative condenser units are registered with the local authority and regular internal audits are carried out to ensure compliance to all legislation.

Dipslide tests are carried out weekly by our on site trained maintenance staff and all results are documented.

Q. How is waste controlled?

Waste bins/containers are located around the store at various key points for non-recyclable waste and are emptied on a regular basis into a compactor which is taken away for landfill.

All other waste including cardboard, plastic, damaged wooden pallets are all recycled.

All skips and other vessels containing waste are located on site away from buildings/structures and are segregated keeping recycled waste away from that for landfill.

Additional food waste skips are brought in as & when required when disposing of large amounts of food waste at the requested of the customer. Food waste is decanted from any outer packaging which is recyclable whilst the food is disposed of as animal feed or if not suitable for recycling treated to ensure it cannot be returned into the food chain.

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