Q. How does the company ensure the quality of goods being delivered into store?

14th August 2019

Upon arrival at Chiltern all delivery vehicles are checked to ensure they are clean, free from odours that could cause taint and free from any potential contaminate.

All deliveries are off loaded and inspected in the enclosed loading bay.

Product temperature checks are taken from the back, middle and front of the load. The receipted goods target temperature is 0 to + 3°C for chilled goods and -18°C or below for frozen.

A goods receipt form is completed recording the following:

  • Customers product code
  • Use by date
  • Quantity
  • Product description
  • Unique pallet number
  • Any damage
  • Outer packaging clean and dry

Goods are moved into the chill or frozen chamber and located in pallet positions within the racked arrangement. All information will then be entered into the computerised stock control system.

If a delivery does not meet one or more of the above criteria at any point the customer/owner of the goods is contacted immediately and advice sought as to whether to accept or reject all or part of the delivery.