‘The Boss’ Retires from Chiltern

on March 19, 2018 .

Dave Boss started with Chiltern at the Corby site in May of 1999.  Prior to joining Chiltern Dave served in the Royal Navy.  When interviewing Dave we promised him two things: 
1) Join Chiltern - See the World 
2) I’ll put a ‘Mercedes’ on your drive

Both of which came true.  

He moved with us from Corby to Keyston and then to Peterborough.  Affectionately known as “old un” he is either found at home in Kettering or on holiday in Florida.  

Dave completed many a long tough shift back in the early 2000’s for a former client called Pauleys delivering fruit & veg to hotels and restaurants throughout the night.  One of his more unusual jobs was collecting a tender dingy from Watford to be delivered to a motor yacht in Monaco for the Grand Prix. 

One of Dave’s vans clocked ½ million miles in 4 years! 

These days Dave has been a regular on pharmaceutical jobs trail blazing new routes across the UK and Europe.  Spain-Germany-Italy-Sweden-Finland-Moldova-France-Turkey. 

Excitement to the end: 
Dave’s last ever trip for Chiltern saw him swoop in to rescue another van that had been involved in a RTC in Belgium with a clinical trial shipment bound for Copenhagen.  The vehicle could not be repaired in time to make the delivery slot the following morning - guess who comes to the rescue - Dave Boss, who was making his last ever delivery for Chiltern in Germany. He drives to meet the stricken vehicle - the pallets are transhipped to Dave’s vehicle and the original driver delivers the shipment on time. We then fly ‘The Boss’ home!

A model employee, Dave has been a great asset to us. He is committed, loyal, reliable, knowledgeable, and likeable.  He is popular with both customers and staff alike.  

Dave will be missed by all of us at Chiltern.  Thanks Dave for all your hard work.  It is much appreciated.