Here’s to another 25 Years!

on November 26, 2018 .

Chiltern celebrated its 25th anniversary this year.  

Over the years Chiltern grew steadily and in 2018 reached the peak of its success with 5 depots, 60+ trucks and 300 employees.  

This success has given the directors of the business, Paul Jackson and John Davidson, the opportunity to look at the company and make very strategic decisions on how to best serve the business, our clients and our employees.  
They soon realised that to enable the business to be successful, flourish and continue to be different to our competitors in the industry changes would need to be made.  

After careful thought and consideration Paul and John decided to split the business allowing each division to grow in its own specialist sector but still working together as partners.

As of the 1st of November Chiltern is now two separate companies.

Chiltern Cold Storage Group Ltd operates the storage and production divisions of the business, operating from Peterborough, Bourne and Livingston.  This business is now owned by John Davidson, Managing Director and Tom Lewis, Operations Director.

Chiltern Distribution Ltd which operates the transport, dairy and pharmaceutical divisions of the business has relocated to the Whittlesey site and is wholly owned by Paul Jackson.

We firmly believe that by making these changes it will allow each division to grow and prosper in its own specialist sector allowing the directors and management teams of each business to focus on their core strengths.